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Cost and Price
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Cost and Price

We work hard with our suppliers to help keep material pricing down and provide the customer with the best possible pricing. RAW material and quality are big problem in Indian Market and imported Quality material has MOQ issues .We address these issues in effective manner. We examine our production processes constantly to develop better and more efficient ways to produce thereby helping to reduce the overall cost of our products.
We have supplied Lakhs of small transformers for consumer industry and several thousands of medium size transformers for others.
The factory complex is extended over an area of 3000sq.ft.The covered area is partitioned into various blocks viz administrative block, design and engineering section ,coil winding and tapping sections, sub-assembly sections, oil filtration plant, vacuum plant, assembly section, testing section, general machine shop, sheet metal fabrication unit and a store.

Delivery and order processing

Delivery and order processing

Our lead time for a typical commercial transformer is 5-6 weeks after receipt of the initial order. We support most types of purchase orders, including blanket type orders. If you have an existing blanket type purchase order we can typically ship some quantity of the order within 48 hours of your shipment request.
In addition, we are flexible with individual release quantity scheduling as long as you take the full ordered quantities within one year of the order date.

We pride ourselves on personal contact with our customer. Our customer service is excellent since we provide quick and thorough response to the customer’s needs via phone, FAX or Email. When you call, you will speak with someone who can guide you to the appropriate person to help you with your needs.
You will not get voicemail during regular working hours.